Dig Deeper : Projects : Interventions in Uganda, Africa

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We went to Uganda to try a few of our technologies, UV milk treatment, electro-chlorinators and solar lighting.
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A demonstration is given of the UV milk purifier (it didn't work so well).
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As can be seen by the strong smell, the electro-chlorinator (makes Chlorine from salt water) worked great.
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Making chlorine from salt and water means clean water and a strong sterilant made from readily available materials (sun, water, salt).
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We were welcomed everywhere we went, and were often the center of youthful curiousity.
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We went from village to village to better understand the milk collection and distribution.
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Milking is a business handed down to the children.
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Milk is gathered at the village.
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The milk travels to collecting centers.
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The milk finally arrives at the storage and treatment facility.
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As in all the poorest areas, CO and smoke in the home is a great problem.
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Mosquitoes with malaria is also a problem so bed nets soaked in repellant are common.
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Making do with what is available is common, plastic bag shoes.
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Bottom of the pyramid power distribution, services charge your batteries.
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Transportation in the back of trucks is a typical bus substitute in the poorest areas worldwide.
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The water distribution network is often ad hoc.